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How to detox after a heavy weekend

Sophia Macpherson discusses natural remedies to help your unavoidable post-weekend hangover


As I’m sure is the case with many, I approach the weekend with a positive and productive attitude towards studying, only to wake up on the Monday still wallowing in the pits of a hangover having completed virtually nothing. Having reached my final year of university, I find that there is no way of avoiding those weekends. They are bound to happen being a student, being young, and being in Manchester — arguably, the best city for nightlife in the UK. And so, as much as you tell yourself you won’t do it again, the best solution is just to find a solution to those impending hangovers.

Realistically, when hungover, there is very little that you want to do and that you will do. Luckily, you don’t have to endure that head-pounding hangover more than once. To all those out there, like me, who want to feel better whilst making minimal effort, here are some tips for your road to recovery.


Keep the drinks flowing! And by drinks — I mean water. Seems simple but I am a victim to forgetting how important it is. All alcohol does is dehydrate you and so the easy answer is to go where you get the most hydration — H20!

Cleanse with herbal teas. Teas like camomile, fennel, mint will help when you feel your tummy is churning. For smokers out there who suffer that dry throat the next morning — lemon, ginger and manuka honey will get your voice back and that cough going.

Sweat, sweat, sweat! Whether this means going for a run or whatever it is people do in the gyms, getting your body going and your blood pumping means more circulation of oxygen to your brain. The more you sweat — the more you get rid of those toxins. Tip: my personal favourite is going to the steam room and just sweating it all out there.

Let your body rest. Whilst this seems like the last thing you should do when you have countless of things unfinished, it is vital. Even a short 20-minute nap can sort you out for the rest of the day and then make sure to get an early night later on.

Ice green tea. Although this is a personal remedy, it has never failed me. Two glasses of ice-cold green tea will make you feel reborn — green tea helps with nausea and headaches and the cold temperature wakes you up.