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University of Manchester professor in ‘sexist’ twitter row

As well as tweeting about waking up next to a Students’ Union Women Officer, it appears the professor has been ‘liking’ other controversial content on Twitter


A University of Manchester professor has been accused of sexism after tweeting about waking up next to the University of Cambridge’s Students’ Union Women’s Officer.

The tweet has since been deleted but screenshots show that it was sent at 7:30PM on the 25th of October to Lola Olufemi by Robin Marshall, University of Manchester Professor of Physics and Biology.

It read: “Imagine what it must feel like to wake up in the morning and realise you are @CUSUWO [Lola Olufemi] OR worse waking up to realise you’re lying next to her.”

Lola Olufemi has recently led a call for the University of Cambridge English Literature department to “decolonise” its curriculum by introducing more non-white male authors and authors from the Global South to its reading lists.

The tweet caused a backlash on Twitter, with one user calling the professor “a sexist arse.”

But you couldn’t manage that. Indeed, sexual insult was the first thing you went for. Which rather suggests you are a sexist arse.

— Nearly Legal (@nearlylegal) October 25, 2017

In addition to the tweet sent out on the 25th of October, the professor has sent out other controversial tweets including one which read: “If you do not like facts and you are PC, LGBTIDK, vegan,flat earthist or whatever do not read this thread. Nor am I interested in yr thinks” followed by a threat in which he  said “… please shut the fuck up. You really piss me off”, attacking “parents of Ch.”

Infant mortality in UK is about 2,000 per annum, i.e. death of new born before age 1. 1,999 of them take grief in their stride with dignity.

— Robin (@TheProfRobin) July 28, 2017

As parent after all that, your child dies. You wish it had been 11 months.
Then, you don't wish it.
I say to Ch parents: SHUT THE FUCK UP.

— Robin (@TheProfRobin) July 28, 2017

Dear parents of Ch, you are one of 2000 a year, please shut the fuck up. You really piss me off. Have another one if you wish to TX genes.

— Robin (@TheProfRobin) July 28, 2017

When asked for comment, the University of Manchester said “the academic in question has since made a full and unreserved public apology for the inappropriate comments and any offence caused.”

He also also liked several controversial tweets, one of which read, “White men see: something beautiful to cherish & protect. Muslim men see: something to hate, violate, & desecrate. Stand by our men.” alongside a photo of a male and female on a bike.

Some more controversial tweets that the Professor has liked include one which read: ” Has anyone ever seen Jews in Europe marching in the streets, demanding to force Jewish law? England wake up you have a serious problem” and another that said “The war against the Nazis was over in just a few years. We were smarter then.”

The war against the Nazis was over in just a few years.
We were smarter then.

— Jeff Covfefe (@EngageTheRebels) August 4, 2017

A University spokesman said: “The University of Manchester would like to make it clear that we have a zero tolerance approach to any form of bullying and harassment.

“We are aware of this issue and, after looking into it, found the comments were made by a former member of staff who holds Professor Emeritus status.”