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Top 5 bookish podcasts

A list of the best podcasts for booklovers everywhere.


5. Book Riot – The Podcast

When publishers make an exciting new book deal or it is announced that a book is being turned into a TV series, you can expect Jeff and Rebecca from to be discussing it. Book Riot have developed a dedicated  following on social platforms like Twitter and YouTube, so the success of this podcast is no surprise. If you are a bookworm that wants to keep up to date with the latest literary news, this is the podcast for you. You can find the Book Riot podcast on or the Apple podcast app.

4. The Guardian Books podcast

From discussions about award nominations and interviews to live panels and author readings, this is a bookish podcast with a little bit of everything. The Guardian provides a seamless production that will appeal to sophisticated readers with an eclectic taste. Aside from interviews and reviews the presenters Claire Armitsead, Richard Lea & Sian Cain also take the time to investigate themes and trends in the literary world. And recently even questioned whether books and poetry can make us happier, which made for a very intriguing and unique podcast episode. Access this literary treasure chest on the podcast app or The Guardian website.

3. London Review Bookshop Podcast

This engaging and atmospheric podcast allows you to travel to the London Review Bookshop in Holborn, where high-profile readings and discussions are held every week. Thanks to technology, anyone can listen to the live recordings of the work and insights of a variety of writers. The readings and conversations allow anyone with an internet connection to have a more vibrant experience with literature. As well as develop a deeper connection with not only the writing featured, but the writers as well. There is something to appeal to every kind of reader. A look into Chris Kraus’ biography on Kathy Acker, a performance by poet,  Anne Carson and talk of Iain Sinclair’s infatuation with London sums up the content of the last three episodes alone. If you want to be transported to London, these live recordings are uploaded on the bookshops website and the podcast app.

2. The Book Review

Not just any book can be featured in The New York Times’ Book Review, and the same can be said for this podcast. Every week, the editors of the renowned publication delve deep into brilliant novels, talk with the worlds best writers and critics, and discuss relevant goings on in the literary world. If you are someone who cannot stop thinking about a book after reading it, this podcast will be a pleasure to listen to. It allows you to hear directly from some of the most brilliant minds in the literary world about their creative process. One noteworthy episode, features an interview with this years Man Booker Prize winner George Saunders, who details some of the decisions he made while writing his book as well as the challenges he faced. The Book Review can be found on the New York Times website and the podcast app.

1. Mostly Lit

Mostly Lit is a high energy podcast that represents the millennial reader. The hosts Alex, Rai, and Derek have a great dynamic, and are not afraid to engage in heated debates about the diverse books they read. Things are never boring with the podcast’s wide variety of content. Episodes have included topical discussions on feminism, diversity in publishing and mental health. As well as interviews with publishers like Sharmaine Lovegrove, who is behind the new inclusive imprint Dialogue Books, and acclaimed British author of the popular Noughts & Crosses series Malorie Blackman. You can access all of this in addition to fun segments and light-hearted banter on Soundcloud. Talking about books has never been more exciting!