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Firefighters attacked in Manchester on Bonfire Night

Remember, Remember the 5th of November – the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service will this year, after several firefighters were attacked throughout the night


Firefighters across Greater Manchester were attacked during the bonfire night of 2017.

A reported 413 calls were made to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue between 5.30pm on Sunday the 5th of November and 8.30am on Monday the 6th of November. This resulted in reportedly half the service’s total resources being deployed during the busiest hours of the evening. During this time, firefighters across Greater Manchester were attacked, reportedly by youths.

Manchester’s Mayor Andy Burnham accompanied a firefighting crew in Bolton on Sunday, and witnessed the chaotic evening first hand.

Mayor Burnham tweeted that it was a “Bit of a shock to see a firework thrown at us” and later went on to state “Unbelievably the firefighters said it was actually very common. This is fundamentally unacceptable.”

Bolton was not the only area to suffer from unrest. In the early evening of the 5th of November, Oldham Firefighters were called to Hillfarm Close to deal with a bonfire. Upon arrival the firefighters were attacked with fireworks. A spokesperson for GMFRS said: “There were no injuries or damage to the fire engine. Fire crews were on scene for approximately ten minutes.”

Firefighters bore the brunt of the attacks that night, however a resident in Longsight reportedly had a lit firework posted through their door. A car was also torched in Rochdale, and it us not the only car to have believed to have befallen this fate. There are reports across Manchester of other cars being torched

However, there have been no reported injuries during these incidents.

The numerous attacks on Sunday followed violence and arson on Saturday the 4th of November. Glass bottles were thrown by youths at a fire engine that drove past Edgehill Close in Salford. Later that evening, the playground in Ordsall Park, Salford was set alight.

Salford Fire Team condemned the arson as “a waste of our time”.

Firefighting is a “tough job” said Mayor Burnham condemning the events, though the minor arson and attacks across Manchester were believed to be short lived.

  • Anne Russell

    I find it totally unacceptable that our Emegency Services have to face this sort of behaviour year after year just so people can light fireworks and send their money up in smoke. Surely it is time to regulate these things so only organised events are licensed to provide Bonfire Night events – this is the safest route possible. The cost brought in by purchasing fireworks is not enough to cover the A&E cost of soring out peoples’ injuries and it is certainly not enought to cover protecting our Emergency Services. Year after year we read of incidents where animals have fireworks attached to them which cause untold suffering. people who suffer from PTSD must find September to New year a trial (I know I do with incessant fireworks day and night). Lit fireworks being posted through letterboxes which is arson, fireworks thrown in the street, what has to happen before regulation comes in. Why do fireworks have to be so loud? I wholeheartedly support the following petition to regulate the use of fireworks.