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Review: Grinch £8.95 lunch

A lunchtime deal well worth the wait


Lunchtime deals can frequently be pretty disappointing. The price and the promise of a free drink lure you in however the food tends to be meagre/lacking substance. Not to mention the tiny ounce of ‘free wine’ that adds to the overall disappointment making you wonder why you didn’t just get a subway. I am happy to say Grinch is an exception and is extremely good value for money.

Originally located on Chapel Walks Manchester at the forefront of Café Culture in the 90’s, Grinch has now grown up and found its new home in Didsbury village. Arriving on a Friday late afternoon I was immediately charmed by an easily recognisable Spotify 60s playlist and a delightful rustic interior. The only downside was the restaurant was fairly empty, well we were one of two couples. Also, the service really did take its time. However I will blame all this on its fairly new opening, I guess it’s just finding its feet.

The lunch menu has been put together featuring its biggest sellers over the years. Personally, I would say the choice is excellent. Each dish includes a coffee, glass of wine or beer/soda

Special Fried Chicken with fries and House BBQ Sauce Chilli and Chips with cheese, sour cream, red onion Pollo Rosso Pizza – hummus, chicken, roasted red peppers, mozzarella and sweet chilli sauce Cheese Burger with onions, pickles and chips Goats Cheese Pizza – roasted red peppers, parmesan and mozzarella

Everything sounded too good despite the limited choice, I ended up opting for the special fried chicken and my dining partner chose the Pollo Rosso Pizza. It can be argued that you can’t go wrong with fried chicken, however, I would say you definitely can. This fried chicken was beautifully served, flavoured and cooked to perfection.

Not at all greasy and served with the most delightful BBQ sauce which complimented the chicken brilliantly. Overall I was elated with my choice…. until I took a bite of the pizza and in all honesty, my eyes turned green with envy. The flavour combination on top of the freshly stone baked base was a dream. The sweet chilli and peppers cut through the creaminess of the hummus and mozzarella quite frankly leaving a taste sensation. My glass of wine was pretty small but I’ll let it go as the food was so scrummy.

Photo: Anokhi Shah

Photo: Anokhi Shah

Grinch is ideal if you want to venture a little bit out of the Fallowfield/Withington bubble in search of a treat. I promise Grinch will leave both your bellies and wallet feeling satisfied.

Next time I definitely want to try the Chilli and Chips – yes I will be back!