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Yearly Archives: 2017

Photo: Casey Reed - Penn State University @Wikimedia Commons

Collision of two neutron stars observed for the first time

It’s almost as ground-breaking as the first ever observation of gravitational waves

Self Portrait in the Studio at Peckham (After Steenwyck the Younger) II Photo: theWhitworth

Remembering Partition with New North South: Raqib Shaw

The Whitworth welcomes Raqib Shaw with a palatial yet haunting new installation

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Speed running

A quick history of the subculture

Chicken meat. Photo: Raul.Perez @Flickr

UK’s largest meat supplier violates food safety standards

The University of Manchester calls for reassessment of the UK’s food system after a huge poultry meat company has been found repacking old meat


Half-Life 2: The Past and Future

After 10 years, where are we now?

hannah and esme

An innocent act of kindness

Keep your eyes peeled for our new innocent angels Hannah and Esme delivering #innocentactsofkindness around campus

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Live: Papa Roach

Callum Lunn thinks this isn’t Papa Roach’s last resort


Review: Divinity: Original Sin 2

An Old-Style RPG that turns out to be one of the best

Photo: Richard Davenport

Review: Mobile

A caravan plays host to an exploration of social mobility in 21st century Britain as part of Orbit 2017

The University of Manchester Students Union (Image: Vita Student @ Flickr)

Last chance to stand in the student officer elections

Voting opens on the 24th October

Image: Steph Cere

Music event to raise money for anti-trafficking society

“Help us fight exploitation while having a good night!” said president of the Students Against Human Trafficking society ahead of upcoming musical fundraiser

Photo: Keith Ape

Koreana: a quiet background murmur of the British dining scene

No Michelin stars? No fret