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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Photo: Mike Peel @ Wikimedia Commons

Jodrell Bank Observatory nominated to be World Heritage Site

UK puts forward home of the Lovell telescope and the world’s earliest radio astronomy observatory for World Heritage status

Photo Credit: Daisy Tolcher

Review: V-REV vegan diner

A burger joint that is entirely vegan

Photo: Wiki Commons

Obituary: Mark E. Smith

Contributor, Hana Kelly reflects upon the highlights of Mark E. Smiths’ life and achievements

Photo: Qaisra Shahraz

Interview: Manchester’s most influential woman – Qaisra Shahraz

After being named Manchester’s most influential woman of 2017, Kizzy Bray spoke to Qaisra Shahraz about her newest book, future upcoming projects and what her identity means for the stories she weaves

Photo: Samuel Pigott @ The Mancunion

Review: Manchester Smokehouse

Good location and good atmosphere, just a shame about the terrible food

photo: Invisible Manchester

Invisible Manchester with Alice Sparks

With 3,000 people are sleeping rough in Manchester, Alice Sparks is opening up the dialogue of the homelessness problem by creating jobs and thus giving a voice to those worse affected

Image: Mike Peel @ Commons Wikimedia

New society launched for postgraduates

It is hoped that postgraduate students will feel more included in the Students’ Union

Photo: Flickr @ Elliot Brown

Carillion’s liquidation is disturbing for many reasons

The collapse of the UK’s second largest construction company highlights significant flaws in how we envisage government regulation

Photo: Flickr @ Timothy Krause

Is it still okay to like anything made by anyone anymore?

Anyone being: John Travolta, Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey (and the list goes on…)

Photo: Andrea Vail @ Flickr

Female creatives launch campaign to buy theatre

A group of female creatives are seeking support for their latest venture – buying a theatre

Photo: Kurdishstruggle @ Flickr

Ex-MMU student to fight Turkish forces in Syria

Huang Lei is among tens of international volunteers who have joined the YPG

Photo: Savannah Gough

2018 Manchester Scran Update

Felix fondly features a fair few fresh and fantastic food functions in town, as well as saying farewell to Farman’s fine Odd Bar