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Daily Archives: 12th February 2018

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A trip to hell to cure depression? Psychedelics as psychiatry with Adam Laidler

Some of his ‘visions’ may seem hard to believe…

Photo: Elena Brearley

MIFTA Preview 2018: Yellow Icing

The first in a series of previews for this year’s Drama Society MIFTA season

Credit: Cara Looij

Review: Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare Society’s second production of the year reimagines the Bard’s classic as a North vs. South divide

Photo: Students' Union

The widening gap between SU Exec officers and students

They represent a 40,000-strong student body, yet many struggle to recall their names or what they do

Photo: The Russian Presidential Press and Information Office @ Wikimedia Commons

Big, bad Vlad

Putin has re-directed Russia onto the path of becoming a formidable and threatening world power

Photo: Awolnation

Album: Awolnation – Here Come the Runts

With a razor-sharp focus on “The Now”, Awolnation offer something for everyone with their latest offering

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From £50 to free: the truth about monthly games

How monthly bundles are showing us that time really is money

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Record Reappraisal: Neutral Milk Hotel – In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

20 years ago Neutral Milk Hotel released one of the most important albums in underground music, but does it still hold up today?

Photo: Gene Hunt @ Wikimedia Commons

Fallow Fights Back with Holly Ledger

With Fallowfield crime rates being so talked about in the last few months, Holly Ledger is leading the way to fight back for student victims

Photo: Yasmeen Mjalli

Socially engaged art: the feminist genre of change?

Fighting for women’s freedom from harassment, activist Yasmeen Mjalli discusses how she weaponises the medium of protest art to create social change in the West Bank

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Elon Musk’s launch was a good thing, here is why

Elon Musk’s launch of a sports car into outer space has faced some flack, but the criticisms might not necessarily be justified

Image: Students' Union

Last week to stand in the SU Exec Elections

The roles are paid £19,000 a year