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Daily Archives: 26th February 2018

antwerp mansion

City Council defends Antwerp closure

Manchester City Council Planning Department have issued a closure notice

Photo: Kirstie O'Mahony

Students ‘Reclaim the Night’

Students took to the streets to protest violence against women

Photo: Pexels

Social media isn’t the cause of mental ill-health

The media seems to express increasing concern over the dangers of social media on mental health, but we’re focusing on the wrong thing

Photo: LGBTQ+

Are You Coming Out? – The New LGBTQ Club Night

The University of Manchester LGBTQ Society has teamed up with Manchester Academy and the Students’ Union to put on a brand new LGBTQ+ Club Night!

Photo: Team Ico

Review: Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)

The 2005 PlayStation 2 classic makes a glorious and immensely nostalgic return

Photo: Richter Frank-Jurgen @ Flickr

Students call for public event with George Osborne

The General Secretary of the Students’ Union also encouraged Theresa May to stop hiding in hotels

Photo: Olivia White @ The Mancunion

Live review: HMLTD

I spent my Valentine’s day with the most eccentric, outlandish glam-punk rock sextet

Photo: Pexels@Pixabay

Massive uprooting of campus greenhouses

This summer, the University of Manchester’s botanical research facilities are set to undergo major renovations

Photo: Jenny Liddle

Northern Vegan Festival promises a feast of delicious food

Manchester’s biggest vegan festival is back!

Photo: Pexels

Recipe: healthy one-pot chicken and lentils

A hearty yet healthy comfort food