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Workshop launched to widen participation in medicine

A one-day workshop to encourage students from disadvantaged backgrounds to consider a career in the medical field


“Your Pathway to Becoming a Doctor,” a workshop aimed at widening participation in medicine, will be held in Manchester on the 24th of March.

Students in years 10 to 12, a period when young people often start to think about their future, are the workshop’s main target audience, as a career in medicine often has to be planned early in order to meet the requirements for a successful application to university.

The promoter of this initiative is Majid Ahmed, who graduated from Manchester Medical School in 2014,  and is now a Researcher and PhD candidate.

“We want to give each young student the possibility to consider a career in medicine, no matter their background. Financial difficulties should not prevent passionate students from studying medicine. We want to drive social mobility and support talent,” explains Majid. His words echo the motto of the project “nobody left behind.”

The one-day workshop is an intense and engaging experience, with activities ranging from seminars to interactive sessions. Participants will have the chance to talk with doctors and students, getting advice and feedback.

The event will take place at the Manchester Royal Infirmary from 9.30am to 6.00pm.

Students will be in the classes that could be the location of their future medicine lectures, having a preview of the routine of a medical student.

Whilst being principally targeted at youngsters from Manchester, the workshop is open to anyone interested, coherent with the idea that everybody should be granted the same chances.

The registration fee is £25-30.

Majid says: “We are aware that requesting a payment could be contradictory since participants are likely to have financial issues. Still, the expenses are high, £3000 in total.

“We have crowdfunding activities going on at the moment. If anyone could donate only one pound our goal will be easily reached”.

“I myself donated £500, money that I gained as the winner of a scientific project.”

Majid said that with the objective of widening participation, InTouch Communities, the non-profit organisation behind the project, is offering 30 to 50 bursaries, depending on how successful the fundraising will be.

Applications are now open and the deadline is the 9th of March.

For more information visit the website here.