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Reconstruct Collective: union in uniqueness

An extra-terrestrial dream team aiming to revolutionise the fashion world


Reconstruct Collective consists of five (originally six) rebellious fashion graduates of the prestigious Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. Inspired by Sailor Moon – an anime centred upon girls coalescing their powers – Laura Aanen, Alyssa Groeneveld, Kim Kivits, Michelle Lievaart and Sanne Verkleij are the geniuses behind the all-female fashion label.

Armed with a shared desire to start a fashion revolution, the established principle aim of their collective is “to combine these individual specialities and gather our strengths to create one powerful collection.” Thus, every collection is a group effort – a combination of all their individual talents.

Their aesthetic can be described as extra-terrestrial. Taking inspiration from street wear, music, youth culture, and fairy tales, Reconstruct creates unique art-clothing that can be worn day through to night. Their collections test the boundaries of fabric manipulation – bringing back a sense of modern craftsmanship to the fashion industry. The collective further questions the nature of ‘fast fashion’ by placing a focus on its one-off exclusivity.

In the world of Reconstruct, no one person, race or gender is favoured over another. All garments are unisex and play into contemporary youth culture. Aiming to restore a balance, their clothing reflects both their rebellious attitudes and their desire to make powerful waves in fashion. The all-female designers pay persistent attention to their ever-evolving environs and continuously experiment with a variety of mediums: from colour to geometry, printmaking to re-staging subcultures.

Their SS18 collection ‘RESURRECCIÓN’ took inspiration from the strength and power of anime characters. The 17 looks, styled by Jean-Paul Paula, featured unconventional silhouettes in vibrant colours – each look its own anime-enthused oddity. The collection is founded upon three stages: Couture (one-of-a-kind extravagant pieces), Culture (what’s being snapped up by the contemporary youth) and Division Wear (functional clothing).

Currently only stocked at Tokyo boutique Candy/Fake, and with a limited amount of ‘merch’ for sale on their webshop, Reconstruct Collective garments are unsurprisingly hard-to-come-by. But, with New Yorkers and Londoners alike increasingly putting their ‘buying power’ behind independent, quirky-cool fashion labels and with an army of fashion-forward enthusiasts – from Highsnobiety to Converse to R&B singer (and Neneh Cherry’s daughter) Mabel – the future looks extra-terrestrial and extra-ordinary for Reconstruct Collective.