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Live review: Tom Misch

Tom Misch clapped, shouted and stomped his way to success says, Imogen Doyle


Tom Misch’s much-anticipated tour is finally underway. Starting his European and North American tour in Dublin on the 1st March, he’ll be travelling around Europe up until the 22nd March when he performs in Paris then flies over to North America.

For the most part of the UK leg of his tour, he’s sold out the venue — six out of eight of them to be exact. If this doesn’t show you how well-loved this South London, multi-instrumentalist artist is, the audience at the concert definitely proved it by clapping, shouting and stomping upon his arrival to the stage, and throughout.

Beginning with ‘The Journey,’ a track from his first album, enabled Tom Misch to build up excitement within the room. Starting off with just himself playing the melodic tune on his guitar, other instruments were then added slowly further exciting the crowd.

This response appeared like one which Misch wasn’t expecting – to be honest he seemed a little shocked – understandable, considering this was his third night performing on his first gig tour. But, the response is one which he should definitely get used to.

Following on from this, Tom Misch played into the crowds’ palm with ‘I Wish’, ‘Man Like You’, and ‘Isn’t She Lovely’. Now very rarely do I find someone cover of a Stevie Wonder hit and actually do it justice. Misch, you’ve achieved this. Taking a classic, not messing around with it too much, but letting the funky bass line flow — Tom Mischs’ guitar ability was able to take centre stage. He captivated the room. Not only this but his decision not to sing, allowed the crowd to fully get behind the song, letting them participate and sing at the top of their lungs. It made it a real moment to remember.

Another memorable moment from the concert would have to be when he brought his sister, Laura Misch, on stage. Famous for her incredible saxophone abilities, Laura joined her brother for the song ‘Movie.’ For this song, the room darkened to bring attention to the side lights. This joint with a ticking noise gave the effect of an old film reel. Very fitting to the euphoric song.

Throughout the whole evening the atmosphere of the crowd, band members and Misch alike, was incredibly relaxed. Mixing a combination of old songs, covers of famous hits, along with some of his new, unreleased songs was a great way of ensuring all his fans enjoyed the evening. It didn’t matter whether they’d been a fan of his for years or whether they’ve only just discovered his music.

As an artist, Misch has gone from strength to strength, building up a loyal fan base — producing music with elements of hip-hop, disco and jazz. He’s a truly unique artist and one which I’m definitely a fan of.