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Recipe: Lemon, Chilli, and Oregano Prawns

Include noodles to make a delicious dinner for one or simply serve as is for a great starter guaranteed to impress anyone.



One pack of shelled, raw king prawns One large lemon One red chilli finely sliced One spring onion finely chopped One tbsp tomato puree One tbsp runny honey Two cloves garlic, finely diced Two tbsp ground oregano One tsp each smoked paprika, thyme and ground cumin 100ml sunflower oil Two slices quality white bread 25g butter One small bunch each of fresh flat leaf parsley and coriander finely sliced


Begin by marinating the prawns. Add to a bowl the zest of the lemon, the chilli, spring onion, tomato puree, honey, half the fresh herbs, garlic and the dried herbs and spices. Add enough oil to make the mixture into a runny paste and then add the prawns. Ensure the prawns are entirely coated, adding more oil in needed, and then cover and marinate for at least a few hours, ideally overnight. Preheat a griddle pan to a fairly high heat. Add the prawns, along with the marinade, to the pan. The prawns will take very little time to cook, approximately a minute and a half on each side depending on size, so be careful to not overcook as they will become tough and rubbery. Halfway through cooking squeeze over half the over lemon juice and season one side of the prawns with salt and pepper. While the prawns are cooking lightly toast the bread. Remove the prawns from the pan and allow to rest for the same time as it took for them to cook. In this time add the butter to the griddle pan and then remove from the heat and allow the butter to melt. Ensure the butter has mixed with the remaining juices in the pan before pouring it over the toasted bread. Season both the cooked prawns and the bread, before topping with the remaining and the remaining half of the lemon juice. To bulk this dish out simply serve with noodles to which a large amount of the marinade have been added.