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Daily Archives: 9th March 2018

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Voter turnout still below 20 per cent in Exec elections

Incoming Welfare Officer says, “I don’t think people can talk about apathy anymore…students have been excited, they’ve been engaged”

Sexpression: Sex Week Print

Sex Week comes to the University of Manchester

“Let’s talk about sex, baby” is the plan for Sex Week Officers, Letita Buda and Sarah Ann Walber

Photo: Love for the Streets

Love for the Streets at the Whitworth

A programme of events including conferences, art, and live music, as part of Manchester Homelessness Awareness Week

Photo: University of Manchester

Evolutionary understanding takes flight thanks to baby bird fossil

A University of Manchester palaeontologist reveals the diversity of avian evolution using one of the smallest bird fossils ever discovered

Photo: Virginia Saul

Review: Alpha

Jessica Wiehler gets sucked into the totalitarian dystopia of Zoe Kent’s Alpha, part of the Drama Society’s MIFTA season 2018

Photo: Calum Pearce

Review: Manchester Musical Revue presents The Fear

Amy Newell enjoys a night of new writing as Manchester Musical Revue presents two short musicals

Picture: James Johnson

Take a wellbeing day, without an ounce of guilt

How often do you take some time for yourself? James Johnson gives you six tips to take some time for you, and why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it

Photo: The Gryphon Photos @ Flickr

University strike sees a week of u-turns

An eventful third week of industrial action saw twitter disputes, student refunds, and breaks with UUK policy

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A new Italy: Europe’s problem

Another domino has fallen… will it topple a united Europe?

Photo: VancouverFilmSchool @Flickr

Blood, Sweat and Pixels: an overview

A look at Jason Schreier’s recent collection of interviews

Photo: Gage Skidmore @ Wikimedia Commons

A liberal for Romney

The former Governor of Massachusetts is running for Senate in Utah. His victory is not only inevitable but also quite desirable.

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Science news around the world this week

Fiona Batchelor reports on key science stories from around the globe