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Daily Archives: 16th March 2018

Photo: Liberal Democrats @Flickr

Bin to be named after Sir Nick Clegg

Also proposed for the March Senate is a restructure of The Mancunion

Photo: Ellie Tivey

The creative space: Leisure Theory

Ellie Tivey speaks to new Manchester band, Leisure Theory

Photo: The Mancunion

Revealed: Students’ poo-nion

Outgoing General Secretary says the smell “does keep us on our toes, as you never know where the smell is going to strike next”

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Beautifully hairy

Women’s body hair feels like a secret that we must keep between ourselves

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Why Britain desperately needs a four-day working week

People are working too hard for too little


The Oscars 2018: Fashion

Sophie Walsh gives a roundup of the couture seen on the red carpet at last week’s Oscars

Photo: tom-margie@flickr

Hubert de Givenchy dies aged 91

Following the death of the founder of Maison Givenchy, Alice Reynolds looks at how he revolutionised the fashion industry

Photo: Misaochan @ Wikimedia Commons

Review: One Plus

A cheap way to experience this Chinese traditional dish

Photo: Poetry of Perception @ Vimeo

Review: Slam of the North

Four universities go head to head in a slam poetry competition tackling issues ranging from puberty to politics

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City conquer a cold, wet night in Stoke

David Silva scored a brace as Pep Guardiola’s side took another stride towards the title

Photo: @wikimedia commons

A Stray Sumerian Tablet

Cambridge University Library published their findings on a Sumerian Tablet, their oldest written document, dating back 4,200 years

Photo: Callum Lunn

Live: Feeder

Feeder demonstrate their generation-spanning appeal