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LIVE: Manchester local council election count

Live updates on the results of the 2018 Manchester local elections

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Amy Wei 4th May 20184:42 PM

So that’s the end of the day! Of the 96 available council seats, 94 will be held by Labour, 2 by the Liberal Democrats. This means the Lib Dems have gained 1 seat from Labour this year, in West Didsbury. Fallowfield Ward had the lowest turnout across Manchester.

Amy Wei 4th May 20184:40 PM

Withington is the last ward to be announced, and it’s all Labour: Rebecca Moore, Chris Wills, and Alex Warren will be your councillors this year.

Amy Wei 4th May 20184:34 PM

All Labour in Burnage, Chorlton Park, and Levenshulme! The Liberal Democrats have still gained ground overall, with 2 elected councillors so far: their highest number since 2012.

Amy Wei 4th May 20184:26 PM

Still waiting on results from Withington, Chorlton Park, Levenshulme, and Burnage!

Amy Wei 4th May 20184:22 PM

Labour wins all three seats in Longsight, with more than 2,500 votes per candidate. Their closest competitor, Bernard Joseph Eckbery of the Green Party, got 201 votes.

Amy Wei 4th May 20184:18 PM

With two Liberal Democrats elected in Didsbury West, John Leech and Richard Kilpatrick, the total predicted councillor count is 94 to Labour, 2 to the Lib Dems.

Amy Wei 4th May 20184:16 PM

Liberal Democrat John Leech wins the four-year term in Didsbury West, by a whopping 530 vote lead on the second most popular candidate.

Amy Wei 4th May 20184:13 PM

Three labour councillors elected in Didsbury East: Andrew Simcock, Kelly Simcock, and James Wilson. All received over 2000 votes each.

Amy Wei 4th May 20184:11 PM

With 26 wards announced, Fallowfield still has the lowest voter turnout, at 17%.

Amy Wei 4th May 20184:09 PM

Prediction: 2 Liberal Democrats elected in West Didsbury. One of the six wards yet to be announced.

Amy Wei 4th May 20184:05 PM

Still no councillors for anyone but the Labour Party.

Amy Wei 4th May 20184:03 PM

Ballot papers are being recounted for Chorlton Park and West Didsbury, because the results are so close. Turnout was high in both wards: 41.3% in Chorlton Park, 38.5% in West Didsbury.

Amy Wei 4th May 20183:48 PM

Rusholme, Old Moat and Harpurhey all elect three Labour councillors.

Amy Wei 4th May 20183:45 PM

The popular student area of Withington is yet to be announced, but figures show a 30.59% turnout. This is substantially higher than Fallowfield, where only 17% voted, making it the Manchester constituency with the lowest turnout this year. Chorlton has the highest turnout so far of 46.3%.

Amy Wei 4th May 20183:39 PM

Manchester appears to be firmly sticking with Labour. Moston, Ancoats & Beswick and Whalley Range all come in with three councillors each for the Labour Party.

Amy Wei 4th May 20183:36 PM

Hi, Amy and Nicole here, reporting live from the Manchester Central Convention Centre! Declarations are well underway, with every ward so far electing Labour councillors. Fallowfield’s elected Grace Fletcher-Hackwood, Zahra Alijah, and Ali-Raza Ilyas, of the Labour Party.