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Shock over anti-semitic comments in UoM Physics group chat

The Jewish Society are particularly concerned that the students who attempted to call out anti-Semitism faced ridicule


Students at the University of Manchester are deeply outraged at anti-semitic messages found in an academic Facebook group chat.

Screen shots of a first year University of Manchester student sending deeply anti-semitic messages to a year-wide Physics group chat have been obtained by The Mancunion. The comments were sent to a group of over 200 fellow first year students, and appeared to suggest that “6 million Jews ain’t enough”.screenshot1

The comments appeared to stem from a question posted by another user, asking “Would you rather: Become an engineer [or] Become a Neo-Nazi”. Another student responded “Pfft why you asking that? Tis an easy question. Now brb while I make some lebensraum”, referring to the Nazi policy of developing ‘living space’ for Germans in the 1920s

Another student replied “I would rather die tbh”, to which he was told “Don’t be a jew”.

The most shocking comments followed this conversation, with one student writing “6 million is not enough”. The same student then continued, writing “6 million Jews ain’t enough”. The number six million refers to the number of Jews believed to have died during the Holocaust.

A challenge was made by another student who asked “Could you stop with the Nazism maybe now?”. She as told to “Calm the fuck down”, followed by the comment “literal triggering”.screenshot3

A fellow first year Physics student took screenshots of the conversation and reported the conversation to the university. They received a reply from their head of year stating that the comments were “clearly unacceptable, and completely against the values of the School” and asking for more information so the situation could be dealt with.

Fellow students called the incident “shocking” and “awful”. It comes after Exeter University was forced to investigate a racist WhatsApp conversation in a law society chat last month. Two men were arrested.

screenshot4Manchester University’s Jewish Society issued a statement condemning the criticism of the student who attempted to halt the conversation, writing: “The Jewish Society is deeply concerned by this incidence of overt and shameless anti-Semitism in a public forum.

“At a time when attacks against Jewish students are on a nationwide uptick, it is shocking that students who have attempted to call out anti-Semitism have faced ridicule. It is blatantly unacceptable for fellow students to tell someone to ‘calm the f**k down’ after being told ‘6 million Jews ain’t enough’.

“We expect a robust and transparent investigation into this incident from the relevant faculty, who we call on to denounce this incident in the strongest possible terms. It is incumbent of all members of the student body to tackle anti-Semitism wherever it arises”.

A university spokesperson told The Mancunion: “The University is a welcoming environment and we will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment. Allegations of this nature are thoroughly investigated and if appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken.”

  • T

    Lmfao… “The University is welcoming and we will not tolerate any form of discrimination…” Except, obviously, publicly endorsing BDS, allowing students to erect giant anti semitic (“pro palestinian”) banners on Uni ground and allowing students to dress up in IDF uniform and pretend to crush Palestinian heads outside the SU. If this was Islamophobic I’ve give the students a day, lets see what the Uni do about anti semitism…. And on a side note can you people stop being so stupid and publicly posting antisemitic / sexist / racist crap to groups. Like god, you’re supposed to be a University student. How stupid can you be…

    • J

      Oh I forgot allowing ‘Israeli apartheid week’ – because comparing Israel to the systematic and institutional decades long oppression of black people in South Africa is not anti Semitic at all.

      • read siege fegits

        >decades long oppression of black people
        >South Africa

        What reality are you livin’ in? South Africa was better off colonized. Look at it now. Lower-class farmers are being murdered by the truckload in increasingly gruesome ways by those genocidal apes. Crime rates, ESPECIALLY murder, were astronomically low, and those in black-segregated areas were richer, more free, and around their own kind. Multiracial societies collapse so easily because of racial tension no matter how much better their lives are than before.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    i am hurt. it is 2018, the current year, and this is a problem. this is literally another holocaust. The university should fund a
    sent that day.. i am glad women are still the ones calling out anti semitic shitlords and reporting them to the thought police, just like in 1984, the women are the most devoted enforcers of the system. bravo to the BRAVE women standing up for the poor unprivileged Jews who hold no power whatsoever in US society and dont have any money to defend themselves with.. glad someone is sticking up for the poor jews. i thought nazis were all uneducated toothless rednecks, not white goyish engineering students.. this is getting out of control now! scary! will another 6 million be massacred simply because they tried to enrich US society with their wonderful entertainment culture and philosophy? saddening.. i am hurt. jews will have to defend themselves, right? jews have to band together and punish these people, make them lose their jobs, run them out of universities, there HAS to be an all-powerful jewish tyranny, that goes beyond corporate power and reaches into judicial and governmental power to crush all dissent. this is the only way to prevent another holocaust and defend poor jews. thanks to the women who defended the jews in that chat! it is important… thank u.

    • read siege fegit

      Well memed my friend. Can’t stand all this absolute bullshit about how jewish people need coddling and privilleges past the existing structure being built from the top down by jews. 2% seems to have grown awfully fast, right?

      And not to mention the fact that these same people running our political system are usually dual citizens to Israel, because when you’re mutinying and crashing a ship of hundreds of millions of people, it’s nice to have a few friends bring their fuckin’ yacht around to pick you up, huh?

  • read siege fegits

    Why don’t you remove the log from your skull before picking at other people’s splinters? Your homicide rates in London are higher than jew york city thanks to your childish open-borders policies and demographic decline, and your solution was to ban KNIVES. What’s next? Are you gonna ban spoons so nobody can scoop out someone’s eyeballs anymore? #BanAssaultSpoons

    P.S., using sheet metal and basic tools you can build your own fully-automatic box-gun, with a fire rate above most SMGs and a magazine up to a hundred bullets. Good luck dealing with the people selling those in a black market.

  • E

    what a shitshow of a comments section

  • Timo

    ‘At a time when attacks against Jewish students are on a nationwide uptick’, so its attacks against Muslim students. The whole world is being becoming unstable due right-wing ideology