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Repealing the 8th: What the vote for “YES” means to the women of Ireland

By exercising their right to vote, the republic of Ireland gained the right to choose on the 25th May, with a landslide victory of 66.4% to the “YES” campaign to repeal the 8th amendment and de-criminalise abortion. But what does this historic reform mean to the women of Ireland?

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Community Festival returns to UoM

The programme is packed with activities to give people a better insight into research at the university

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Ubisoft confirm Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Ubisoft are forced to show their hand after a piece of merch was leaked last week

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Bethesda announce Fallout 76

A new Fallout title is the latest game to be revealed in the E3 leak epidemic


Formula One series set to return in 2018

Codemasters confirm that the increasingly popular series will return to our screens this year

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @ John Warwick Brooke The work of the Chinese Labour Corps, recruited by the British military in WWI, was largely forgotten. They were seen as a source of cheap labour by the British.

Britain’s war amnesia

Is it too late to remember the sacrifices of Britain’s Colonial soldiers?

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Nintendo announces online for the Switch

Nintendo ‘switches on’ as it schedules to bring online multiplayer and much more to its latest console

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Review: Cabbage presents Glamour at the Ritz

An underwhelming night, though not without moments of spark and creativity

Manchester School of Art

Preview: MSoA’s Graphic Print Auction

Calling all graphic design fans, and uni students desperate for a revamp of their bedrooms

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Premier League 2017/18 – top six review

Jamie McEvoy assesses how the Premier League’s elite fared in the most recent season of English football’s top tier

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Live Review: Joan Baez

It may be Joan Baez’ farewell tour, but her incredible, captivating voice will stay with audiences forever, writes Alex Corns

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BDS campaign drop banner from Student Union roof

BDS activists unfurl banner following recent massacre in response to protests at the opening of new embassy