The Mancunion

Britain's biggest student newspaper


The Mancunion is the student newspaper of the University of Manchester.

We’ve been around in various guises since 1969, and emerged out of The Manchester Independent which was founded in the 1920s.

Written and put together by students, The Mancunion creates high-quality original content focused on Manchester’s student bubble.

We aim to keep a firm focus on student news and what’s happening in the local area. However, we are also always open to contributions of opinion pieces about the state of the nation and the world at large, and magazine articles on mainstream as well as local artists, musicians, poets, plays, and so on.

We aim to be an integral part of student life at the University of Manchester, provide excellent opportunities to students wanting to get into journalism, and get our contributors to go from thinking about what they want to write, to what they want to read.

For more information about how to contribute to The Mancunion see our Getting Involved page.

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Our new Facebook page, Mancunion Extra, is a place for all things student media. It’s regularly updated with articles on improving your journalism skills, opportunities to get more experience, talks & events the Media Group are holding, archive material, and much more.


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