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samantha donnelly, Outlining Venus, 2012

Contour States

British artist Samantha Donnelly presents her exhibition of representations of the human form in media. The strong shapes and colours manipulated out of everyday objects:…

V-Revolution logo

It’s a Vegan Revolution

Two of University of Manchester‘s ex-students and ex-Fuse FM presenters, Dom Moss and Christopher Redman, have popped their love of punk and hardcore, and their…


Review: Glenn Wool at The Frog & Bucket 18/1/12

Did a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band have a hand in 9/11? Do beavers have a messiah? These are only a couple of the questions that this Canadian funny man addresses in his one man show, currently touring the UK.

christmas market fairy lights

The North Pole does it better

Being a student does not mean that an appreciation for this cultural magnet cannot be upheld. Despite propping up one or two of the real…

christmas market

Tis’ the season to be Jolly!

Christmas, the time of year when all that is magical immerses itself into our everyday lives, making even the grey streets of Manchester sparkle with…

ice rink at spinningfields

Get your skates on

I couldn’t have picked a worse time to come. In blustery Spinningfields on a Saturday evening, crowds gathered to hit the rink. Despite 12 sessions…


Twas the month of Christmas in the city of Mancunia…

Twas the month of Christmas in the city of Mancunia, and all across the land students were preparing for Christmas socials, swaggering merrily around campuses…

THE NUTCRACKER. Northern Ballet Theatre.

A cracking show!

I doubt any of us have ever had a Christmas quite as captivating as the Edwards’ family Christmas in The Nutcracker. There are similarities of…


Instant Art

We spent another evening in the company of our old friend, art. Cornerhouse decided that what it really needed to brighten this cold November was…

Rupert Cox & Angus Carlyle, Air Pressure, 2011

Air Pressure: fight or flight…or farm?

Whitworth Art Gallery’s latest installation

Noel flogging his wares in the Arndale Centre, Lauren Taylor/ The Velvet Onion

Noel’s latest chapter

Fielding sticks it to the virtual and hits a home run for the tangible

Spektrast image

Spektrast Magazine

Spektrast is a fairly new enterprise with the goal to be a space where creative talent can be show-cased, and invalidate the general opinion that…