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Martin Salomonsen

Manchester’s MadLab is alive and cooking

The lab where science and art are fused: bonkers, but brilliant.

Popping up near you

Just how long does a trend take to burn out? A fly-by look at the rise and rise of pop-ups, a trend which seems in no danger of fading away. Plus a Q&A with pop-up enthusiasts NOISE charity.


MUSEA goes to Amsterdam

From the 2nd – 5th February 2012 for only £135

Roshana Rubin-Mayhew captures When Rivers Run Into the Sea performed by Nicola Canavan


Eleven hours of performance, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Hayley Flynn, Skyliner #9

The secrets above your eyeline

Hayley Flynn’s Skyliner blog captures the Manchester that we miss in the street-level crush

Cairo consolidates its historical roots

Between two discoveries

Sara Jaspans asks when film and art intersect – what happens to the facts? – in this artist-made documentary.

Enkhbold constructs at Manchester Museum

Enkhbold Togmidshiirev’s ‘gentle’ message

Enkhbold Togmidshiirev, Mongolian performance artist, spoke to us about his conception of place. But where is his place in the art world?


Jon Richardson at The Lowry, 28th October 2011

Dani Middleton is taken by the Jon Richardson factor

Le Chic, image by Jessica Neary

Le Chic do Warehouse

Do not panic, you are in the Arts section not Music you haven’t lost the plot. We in the Arts section thought Le Chic deserved…


Manchester premiers comedy film festival

On 31st October and 1st November 2011, Manchester’s very own Comedy Store hosted the very first Short Film Comedy Festival, Cofilmic. The Mancunion was kindly…

Manchester Ship Canal, Adolphe Valette Oil On Canvas 49.5 x 3

Adolphe Valette: A Pioneer of Impressionism in Manchester

The current retrospective of the forgotten Impressionist rights past wrongs


21st October: Best in Standup

Manchester’s comedy store has been open since 2000 and, like its sister stage in London, is one of the most established venues in comedy. Best…