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Honest to blog

Blogging gets local

Didem Ozbek redresses Castlefield's exterior

Castlefield Gallery presents Life in the UK/ Balance of Probabilities – ATM11

Worth the art miles?


Asia Triennial Manchester 11

is here

Jess Bradley captures some serious pondering

Body Positive art show: Vegans go native

Body Positive art show challenges the misrepresentation of body image in
today’s society, urging participants to ‘kick crash diets’ where it hurts

N.S. Harsha, Mala Garlands of Thought

From Kashmir to Kandy, at the John Rylands Library

A library of our own provided an ironic lack of supporting literature for this complex exhibtion

Desperately Seeking Paradise II, Rashid Rana's finest

Everything happened at once – Rashid Rana at Cornerhouse

A comment on East vs. West buried behind a grid-like structure of mirrors

Diffusion series, 2011, pencil on cartridge.

Diffusion: Daksha Patel at Cornerhouse and Piccadilly Station

One artist’s take on the cells of city life

Hacienda cab by Gene Hunt

Madchester innit?

For the newbies you may not have seen Manchester in the daylight hours yet: it’s grey drizzly with a splash of colour graffittied to the…

F&M credit IdilSukan 5152 - high res

Frisky and Mannish

If you haven’t heard of/seen the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Force of comedy-cabaret sauciness, your ears have not lived. On 20th October Frisky and Mannish are…


Jimeoin aka Eyebrow Man

Jimeoin aka Eyebrow Man, lovely Irish chap who moved to the sunnier climes of Australia years ago, is coming to the Manchester Comedy Festival 2011…

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Free for Arts Festival SPECIAL – The price of art

We went on a free art crawl.
*Sponsored by Vitamin Water and Kopparberg

FFAF – Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters pushed its clothes aside and made room for some Art