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The magnificent Mill

Gallery guide – Islington Mill

So much to see, so much to say.

Brian Slater

Gallery guide – CORNERHOUSE

What’s on chez corner.

Nick Harrison shows us inside the cube.

Gallery guide – CUBE

Centre for architecture and design. But don’t let that put you off.


Gallery guide – Manchester Art Gallery

The big one, also the old one.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Gallery guide – Whitworth Art Gallery

Our introduction to the crucial galleries around and the pick of what’s on ahead.

Adam Cunningham photographs the SMEAR 3 Jam in Otterburn Close, the summer of 1996. He remembers 'annoying drunken Hulme crusties' crowding his view.

Hulme is where the art is (Web Exclusive)

Hulme’s currently pleasant and middle-class face masks a hidden past of cultural rejection and dissent – so much so that it became the underground Mecca of all things creative, including and especially graffiti.

Graffiti covers some of the damage in the window at Dawsons music shop on Portland St.

Graffiti Special – A short history of graffiti in Manchester

From the riot-provoked graffiti that recently graced walls near you, we traced the way back to the explosion of graffiti in Manchester in student-friendly Hulme in the late 80s.

Edinburgh Fringe – Elitist, or for Everyone?

The Edinburgh Fringe – what it is, who it’s for, and one Manchester University student’s experience of it.

Reality Television: The Modern Form of Torturous Theatre?

Melody Nairn’s view on ancient theatre and how modern entertainment is not much different.

Review – Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus, Royal Exchange, 10th September 2010 When Robert Johnson went to the crossroads to sell his soul to the devil, he did so in…

Release Your Inhibitions at AND Festival

Challenge your perception of reality at the Abandon Normal Devices Festival.

Review – Parade

Parade, The Lowry, 27th – 28 Any members of the audience taking their seats as the cast broke into ‘The Old Red Hills of Home’…