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Alasdair Bayman

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Review: Toni Erdmann

As a father searches to rekindle his relationship with his daughter, he adopts the alter ego of Toni Erdmann. What happens in Bucharest, stays in Bucharest….

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Feature: T2 and Danny Boyle Q&A

After last year’s successful Steve Jobs Q&A, HOME Patron Danny Boyle returns to his hometown discussing T2. Choose to find out what happened on the night — choose to read

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Review: Paterson

Adam Driver stars in Jim Jarmusch’s latest film about a bus driving poet living in Paterson, New Jersey. Life and all its delicacies do not go amiss

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Documentary picks of the week

Our must-see documentaries this week

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Review: After Love

As a couple stare into the midsts of a divorce and a precarious living situation, an exploration of human complexity and emotion dominates Joachim Lafosse’s latest release

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Top 5: Film Podcasts and Shows

Alasdair Bayman outlines the best podcasts available to get your film-fix

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Preview: This Week at HOME

Our top three picks for films showing at HOME in the upcoming week

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I, Daniel Blake Preview/ Q&A at HOME

I, Daniel Blake: a bleak but breathtaking glance into the reality of working-class life

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Women in Love: BFI Blu-Ray Restoration

Ken Russell’s classic is re-visited following its re-release on Blu-Ray

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Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Taika Waititi’s latest film layers the beauty of New Zealand’s landscape with both comedy and sentimentality

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Review: Everybody Wants Some!!

Linklater’s latest film celebrates American masculinity in all the wrong ways

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Review: The Witch

The Witch is a truly terrifying cinematic experience, featuring strong performances, a chilling score and an atmosphere rich in dread