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Alec Wilby

Photo: Alec Wilby

Chocolate and peanut butter malt loaf

Following on from last week’s easy bread recipe, here is a slightly more advanced bread: chocolate and peanut butter malt loaf, a tasty addition to any breakfast, lecture or revision marathon

Photo: Alec Wilby

Nintendo Classic: Review

After about 2 weeks with it, my early impression is that I’m quite bad at most of the NES titles I’ve tried

Photo: Alec Wilby

Cup North

Alec Wilby visited Cup North – the Manchester Coffee Festival – to see what all the buzz was about.

Photo: Kiera Gould

Crowdfunding success at Manchester

In May this year the University set up its own crowdfunding platform, Crowdfunding at Manchester

Photo: Alec Wilby

Indy Man Beer Con

Alec Wilby muses over raised prices and real beer

Photo: Syndrome logo

Syndrome: Indie survival horror

Jump scares, creepy sounds and bad lighting are key features of survival horror games, but they are not the entire basis of the genre

Photo: Scott Robert Anselmo@Wikimedia Commons

Dinosaur feathers were the same colour as human hair

A new study led by the University of Manchester has found that dinosaur feathers came in a variety of colours including black, brown, and ginger