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Alex Pigott

Photo: Einzelheiten zur Genehmigung @ Wikimedia Commons

Trump needs to know the wrongs of torture

With Trump having shown his support for torture, Alex Pigott looks into why it is both unjustified and unnecessary

Photo: The Opera Shack

Review: An Evening of Puccini

An opera with a twist, it’s both funny and accessible

Photo: Amy Hallett

The route to university has improved, and so must we

The updated cycle lanes are to be welcomed, but more caution must be taken by all travellers

Photo: Day Donaldson@Flickr

More should be done to tackle neglectful student landlords

An expansion and improvement of student and landlord rating services could help to ease the worries of student renters

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Ode to Christmas 2015

Alex Pigott on why we should all embrace the Christmas spirit and silence the naysayers

Is the art of conversation dead? Photo: Esther Vargas @Flickr

Walking lanes are a sad sign of society’s bigger problems

The introduction of special walking lanes to overtake those engrossed in their phones shows us how integral our phones are to our lives

Are cognitive enhancers like ritalin reducing our potential to cultivate academic abilities? Photo: ADHD Center @Flickr

Are ‘smart’ drugs slowing down our development?

Alexander Piggot asks whether the growth of smart drugs is leading to educational inequality and making us less intellectually able