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Alice Williams

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Project Parent: the inevitable embarrassment of graduation day

What’s the worst that can happen when your friends and parents get together for one big, embarrassing occasion?

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The End of Days: Throwing a great graduation party

Alice Williams looks into the prospect of having a graduation party that will subdue the mounting fear as you’re let out into the real world.

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Fetishising the fuck-up

Alice Williams wonders when the media will produce characters that we could aspire to be

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Dispelling the myths of feminism

Alice Williams looks at some of common misconceptions about feminism

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Breaking Out of the Bad Habit Cycle

Because getting back on that healthy living wagon is not always as simple as it seems

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The Post-Uni Fear

Alice Williams discusses that post-uni fear that so many final years are suffering from

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House Hunting

Alice Williams considers some of the practical logistics to think about when looking for a new house

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Overheard on Campus

A roundup of the weirdest things overheard on campus this week

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Overheard on Campus

The funny things you’ve been saying this week

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Overheard on Campus

The strangest things overheard on campus this week

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That’s your (Job) Lot

Alice Williams whinges about the student body’s job prospects, or lack thereof

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Overheard on Campus

The weird and wonderful things you’ve been saying around campus this week