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Universities are bastions of freedom of expression, and a new distrust of alternative views could be disastrous. Photo: raver_mikey @Flickr

Black delegates stage walkout at UCU equalities conference in Manchester

Delegates walked out in protest over alleged failure to tackle racism, bullying and victimisation

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State school graduates will earn less than private school counterparts

There is a pay gap between state school and private school graduates who achieve the same degree in the same subject, and go into the same profession

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Female student raped as she walked home through Fallowfield

The 19-year-old was raped in an alleyway near Whitby Road in Fallowfield at around 3:30am last Saturday, on her way home from a night out

Emily Clarke set-up the petition: 'Don't execute Meriam Yehya Ibrahim for being Christian #SaveMeriam' Photo: Emily Clarke – Facebook

Manchester student speaks at Birmingham University about the legal case of Meriam Ibrahim

Emily Clarke spoke about the media storm surrounding Meriam Ibrahim’s case, and her petition to save her life

The WRC and their affiliated universities have improved conditions for workers in Nike factories. Photo: id-iom @Flickr

Manchester University becomes affiliated with Worker Rights Consortium

The uni becomes affiliated with the WRC, which addresses poor pay and working conditions at the garment factories which produce university merchandise.

This year's King of the Jungle! Photo: Lauren Gorton

King of the Jungle!

By a close vote “the Shaman” aka Oli Cutter has been crowned our Pangaea Rumble in the Jungle King!

The attack took place at the Fallowfield Shell Garage, at 3am last Tuesday morning. Photo: Lee Jordan @Flickr

Man in serious condition after Fallowfield attack

The man was left with serious head injuries at local petrol station after a violent dispute over bike ownership.

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Government reforms will lead to even more unpaid student loans

By Autumn 2015, restrictions on the number of student entries into universities will be removed

British universities are becoming more gay-friendly. Photo: sasastro @Flickr

Top gay-friendly universities are revealed

University provisions for lesbian, gay and bisexual students continue to improve, says Stonewall.

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Welcome to the Jungle!

Vote to decide on Rumble in the Jungle’s best solo fancy dress entries.

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Sexual harassment rife at UK universities

A recent study by NUS shows the shocking extent of sexual harassment around universities

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Nando’s Napkin Gets Dealer Nicked- Needs Image

Manchester drug dealer busted after his fingerprints were left on a Nando’s napkin