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Anna Phillips

Manchester ranked one of the most expensive students for cities Photo: GluseppeMoscato@ Flickr.

Manchester among most expensive cities for first year students

Research by HSBC has revealed the most affordable student destinations

The announcement follows a series of clashes with police and protesters earlier this year.  
 Photo: that girl @ Flickr.

Living Wage granted to Birmingham University staff

Defend Education protests have resulted in the Living Wage victory

Photo: Facebook, Dogecoin. 
'Doge' meme has earned its own cryptocurrency

Student caught using university computers to ‘mine’ Dogecoin

Imperial College student banned from computing facilities after ‘mining’ online currency, which follows a similar incident at Harvard University

Photo: Facebook, University of Exeter Debating Society.
The debate ended in the motion's defeat despite its initial support.

Exeter students agree tuition fees may have to rise

‘This House Believes Tuition Fees Should Not Increase’ was defeated by student audience in a university debate

Reclaim the night

Students take to Manchester’s streets to ‘Reclaim the Night’

Demonstrators marched from Fallowfield to the University’s Oxford Road campus, chanting and waving banners

Police were called to Baa Bar at 3.00am on Saturday 22nd February. Photo: Tanvir Hamid @ Flickr

Three women injured in Baa Bar assault

Three women and two men caught in unprovoked attack over taxi

The Home Office has suspended English language tests for student visas after an undercover BBC investigation revealed mass cheating
Photo: ccarlstead @Flickr

Student visa tests suspended after fraud exposed

BBC programme discovers student visa system riddled with fraud

Warwick students say they are taking action against the "negative impact" of strikes on their education.

Students stage own lectures during strikes

Third-years taught second-years using their previous year’s notes