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Anokhi Shah

Photo: City Munch

Money saving app CityMunch Launches in Manchester

London-based start-up CityMunch has launched in Manchester, offering “real time” deals benefitting both independent restaurants and customers

dosa xpress 1

Review: DosaXpress

The Dosa, indigenous to South India, takes centre stage in the back streets of Withington

Photo: Electric Ray

Meet Fred from First Dates and try some exciting new food concepts

Brand new BBC Two restaurant series hosted by Fred Sirieix will be taking place in Manchester and is looking for diners!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Embrace Turmeric – the Queen of spices

Not only does turmeric give curries a beautiful yellow hue, the nutritional benefits are endless.

Illustration: Liddy Leonard

Wahaca Manchester: where Mexican street food dreams are made

Located in the grade II historic corn exchange, Wahaca offers award winning Mexican street food and a chic cocktail bar stocked with exciting Mexican blends

hannah and esme

An innocent act of kindness

Keep your eyes peeled for our new innocent angels Hannah and Esme delivering #innocentactsofkindness around campus

daisy at bikos

Daisy and Anokhi take a trip down Biko Street

A space for students to meet, eat and get involved in student life

Illustration: Liddy Leonard

Review: Kyotoya

Hidden in the backstreets of Withington, Kyotoya is a little gem of authentic Japanese paradise

Photo: Melissa Saunders Wikimedia Commons

Foolproof banana bread

This banana bread recipe is a winner that guarantees a fluffy interior and crisp shell

pizaa wiki

Pizza dough used three ways

Pizza, Naan Bread, and Dough Balls – all from one recipe

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

New menu at Las Iguanas: adding some spice to chilly autumn days

Mouth-watering additions to the autumn menu announced

Photo: Anokhi Shah

Super quick and healthy salmon supper

Aan easy guide to making a tasty and nutritious weeknight meal