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Ben Moore

Columnist 2011-2012. 2nd year PPE student at the University of Manchester. Will be writing about pretty much those three letters. London raised, open minded.
Pasty gate

Are you kidneying me?

In October 2012, the Mayan’s prophecy looks set to be fulfilled. It’s the story of the year- an issue which encapsulates the current struggle for…


Kony and the iPod generation

Personally, I was glad to see such an overwhelming response to the video.

Melissa Benn

Interview: Melissa Benn

Journalist and author Melissa Benn speaks to Ben Moore about our education system, the student protests and the evolution of our feminist movement

A very simplified analogy

Friends in need

Why we should be giving more to the developing world


No Homo…phobia

Even if it was justified by religion, and you are a practising religious person, so what? Slavery is justified by the Bible

Egyptians celebrate a step towards freedom

Arab Spring, Summer and Autumn 2012

acknowledge the loss of life of those who have chosen to die on their feet so that others might not have to live on their knees.

Time to fix the World

Time For A Climate Change

Some reports claim that we have until 2017 to combat irreversible climate change, others 2031. Either way, scientists argue that action needs to take place now.

The Man Himself

Farca Italia

The number of corruption and bribery allegations made against Berlusconi reads like an episode of Boardwalk Empire, with one key difference: Boardwalk Empire has a sense of realism.


Sticks and Stones

words may actually hurt me, especially if those words lead to someone hurling sticks and or stones at me

Manchester is my heaven

Manchester is my heaven

Ben Moore in defence of the University, and city, of Manchester

Women in the boardroom

Working to Women’s Equality

ong gone are the days when the stay alone mother was deemed integral to the moral foundations of society

A highly taxing matter

Our system is based too much around people who want to take money from Britain and place it in foreign bank accounts