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Cicely Ryder-Belson

Photo: MARK & MLF

A campaign for change

Manchester Literature Festival is re-designed with a new political incentive

Photo: Dave Nelson

The ultimate icon – Pelé: Art, Life, Football

The iconic Pelé is re-imagined through the eyes of artists and photographers

Cleft (2017), Photo: theWhitworth

Remembering Partition with the New North South: Reena Saini Kallat

Manchester Museum’s new exhibition redefines borders and bonds as Arts Editor Cicely Ryder-Belson previews the show with artist Reena Saini Kallat

Photo: Cicely Ryder-Belson

Remembering Partition with New North South: South Asian Design

Manchester Art Gallery brings together regional traditions with contemporary design

Photo: The Whitworth

Remembering Partition with New North South: Beyond Borders

The Whitworth’s new exhibition responds to the anniversary of partition by reclaiming the tradition of textiles

Photo: staceycav @Flickr

10 alternative gallery spaces in Manchester

Ten unconventional gallery spaces in central Manchester to find art and inspiration