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Danny Jones

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Ubisoft confirm Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Ubisoft are forced to show their hand after a piece of merch was leaked last week

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Nintendo announces online for the Switch

Nintendo ‘switches on’ as it schedules to bring online multiplayer and much more to its latest console

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Walmart leaks E3

More retail rumours sees Walmart guilty of the biggest leak yet

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Kratos and the Almighty Back-hander

God of War actor gives the gaming industry one of the biggest back-handed compliments of all time

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New BioShock game is reportedly in the works

The project code-named “Parkside” is rumoured to be a new BioShock

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Valve axe Steam Machines from storefront

Valve’s answer to accessible, console-style PC gaming drops off the radar

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Review: A Way Out

A cinematic throwback to the glory days of couch co-op

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Review: The Council – Episode 1, ‘The Mad Ones’

Big Bad Wolf’s debut title offers potential and disappointment in equal measure

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Gamers fight back against POTUS

The community comes up Trumps after violent video game meeting

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Hunting Monsters, Hunting Records

Dark horse Monster Hunter World becomes a record-breaker

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E3 Look Ahead

Our thoughts on this year’s upcoming E3 2018

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From £50 to free: the truth about monthly games

How monthly bundles are showing us that time really is money