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Edie Walwyn

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Why I’ve dropped out of the University of Manchester

Recent University of Manchester drop out, Edie Walwyn, discusses the possibilities that exist outside our society’s obsession with university education

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A post-Trump journalistic meltdown

Being a good journalist is a difficult task in light of recent events, and it can sometimes be easier to stay angry than to express it with words

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Pro-EU intellectuals must speak out

Intelligence continues to be feared by the political elite, as demonstrated by some of those campaigning for a ‘hard’ Brexit

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ADHD and dyslexia are not metaphors for laziness or stupidity

No student should be held back by special needs out of their control; it’s time to redress the balance, argues Edie Walwyn

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The fight for the European Union is not over

We should continue to argue for remaining, despite a date being confirmed for the triggering of Article 50

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What is life, post-Brangelina?

As the world seemingly sends itself into oblivion, are we investing too much of our time and energy in celebrity culture?

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The British education system needs fundamental change

The reintroduction of grammar schools is another step in the wrong direction. Britain needs to update its education system to truly suit the needs of students and teachers