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Elena Gibbs

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In possession of/possessed by the smoothie blender

The old Food & Drink Editor from ages past, Ellie Gibbs, sent me an article about blenders. It is brilliant.

Photo: Jasmine Jade, Newcastle University

The Free and Real Project

Food Editor Elena Gibbs shares the ancient knowledge acquired from her Easter trip to Greece and why she’d rather do a handstand than get a graduate job

A carrot in the sky, like bait Photo: nist6dh @ Flickr

The raw food reality

What happened when we logged the play-by-play of America’s most extreme diet

Yum yum. Photo: Meal Makeover Moms @Flickr

Alternative uses: Coconut oil

This wonder-fat has hit the nation by storm, appearing both in the kitchen and the bathroom cupboards. From fat burning to flavouring, moisturising to cleansing, is there anything this palm extract can’t do?

'The black magic of the venue' Photo: The Mancunion

Live: Submotion Orchestra

The Leeds based seven piece return to Manchester’s dark cave-like venue to release their sound on an audience new and returning

Photo: BBC Three

TV Binge: Cuckoo

Cuckoo is an easy-watching experience with intermittent laughs and without fear of the implausible

'the gelatin-lathered ribcage sat opposite'. Photo: The Mancunion


A vegan and a carnivore go for dinner

Let's reciprocate the interest. hoto: The Mancunion

Feeding the streets for a fiver

Food Editor Ellie Gibbs addresses the political power of food and the real difference it can make to lives, something we may take for granted when tucking into our luxury restaurant dinner courses

Photo: The Mancunion

Cheese pie

Food Editor and local vegan Ellie Gibbs whips up this healthy version of a pub food classic

Om. Photo: joyruH7@flickr

Operation Masturbation

Ellie Gibbs gives some soul soothing advice on how to cure writer’s block. But is she really talking about writing?

Hng. Photo: The Mancunion

Treasure Trove

With Manchester’s most popular artisan bread stockist left unreviewed, Food Editor Ellie Gibbs rises to the opportunity

Photo: Ellie Gibbs

Champagne and Wholegrain

Food Editor Ellie Gibbs shows us how to make life worth getting up for