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Eve Fensome

Eve Fensome is a second year PPE student and Politics and Comment editor.
Tony Benn

“New Labour: it’s really a Tory Party”

Eve Fensome meets Tony Benn.

Owen Jones

An interview with Owen Jones

Eve Fensome speaks to Owen Jones about the problems facing the working class, and how Labour must meet their demands

Francis O'Grady

Suffragette City

Eve Fensome talks to prominent political figures at the Labour Women’s Conference 2012

Uni place demo

“Oh, you can’t scare me, I’m sticking to the union”

Eve Fensome writes about the ways students might benefit by joining a union.

An Occupy protester dressed as a Metropolitan Police Officer at the Occupy London Protest earlier this year. Photo: Nathan Meijer @Flickr

Happy Birthday Occupy Movement!

Since it’s birth one year ago, the Occupy Movement has spread across the world, writes Eve Fensome

Natalie Bennett says getting rid of nuclear weapons is a major priority.

“Regulate the hell out of crazy big banks”, says new Green Party leader

Eve Fensome meets the new leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett

It’s not just women who get raped

Eve Fensome tells us why the refusal to recognise male-on-male rape is harmful to women as well as men   Despite vast historical documentation, it…

Dassualt Rafale

Blue Skies Thinking?

Eve Fensome explores the politics behind India’s new purchase of fighter jets

Salford-born playwright Shelagh Delaney

A tribute to Shelagh Delaney

‘It’s a bugger of a life, by Jesus.’ Shelagh Delaney 1938-2011


Debate 2: Ban non-therapeutic infant male circumcision

In Britain it is accepted wisdom that female circumcision on minors (now widely referred to as female genital mutilation) is in effect child abuse. How…

N.S. Harsha, Mala Garlands of Thought

From Kashmir to Kandy, at the John Rylands Library

A library of our own provided an ironic lack of supporting literature for this complex exhibtion