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Felix Sanders

Photo: Savannah Gough

2018 Manchester Scran Update

Felix fondly features a fair few fresh and fantastic food functions in town, as well as saying farewell to Farman’s fine Odd Bar

Illustration: Freddie Hill

Review: 1761

1761, an industrial Mancunian Eatery

photo: Purple PR

Live Review: Dave

Felix Sanders reviews Dave at the Academy and predicts big things for the artist in the future

Illustration: Freddie Hill

Review: The Patron

This restaurant will certainly be receiving my patronage again

Photo: FS

Recipe: Broken-Ox-Hearted

A delicious recipe for getting over heartbreak

wikisource: Mervin Elberg

Mackie Mayor

The presence of the Bee, the Manchester spirit animal, is felt strongly in these vaulted ceilings

Photo: Pxhere

‘Vivid’ Dreams and Developments

Let’s talk about development. Developments in the food critic world, developments in the student union, and developments in east Manchester. Marina O’Loughlin has stepped into…

Photo: Keith Ape

Koreana: a quiet background murmur of the British dining scene

No Michelin stars? No fret

Photo: F Sand

Recipe: Pickling


illustration: mattydraws (flickr)

Oké Poké

Northern Quarter’s newest eatery is put to the test in Felix Sander’s review