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George Bellamy


Contrary Corner: The Fresh Prince of Bad Movies

The Hollywood A-Lister is at serious risk of going stale if he doesn’t make something good soon, says Geoge


Are you enjoying comfortably?

George explores how far our enjoyment of an filmmakers’ is affected by our knowledge of their less glamorous private lives


Top 5: Cleaning Scenes

George takes us through the cleanest scenes in cinema history


Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: The Invisible Woman

George Bellamy reviews Ralph Fiennes’ second directing venture


So you think you’re the Christ?

George Bellamy discusses alternative Jesus figures in cinema

Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan delight in Le Week End. Photo: Curzon Film World

Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: Le Week End

George is quite taken with Roger Mitchell’s romantic trip to Paris


Review: Thanks for Sharing

Thanks for sharing? More like thanks for nothing! George Bellamy reviews the latest rom-com from Keeping the Faith’s Stuart Blumberg