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Georgie Hines

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Preview: OMG! Girls in Tech

To be held on the 28th October, the OMG! Girls in Tech conference aims to inspire young women to challenge stereotypes and recognise their potential in the tech industry

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A response to ‘Dear fresher females studying STEM’

It is no longer a question of whether women are underrepresented in science—it is a fact. So why are we still having to defend ourselves?

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Preview: Manchester Science Festival

The Manchester Science Festival returns for its 10th year, running from 20-30th October, in collaboration with the Museum of Science and Industry

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Manchester research programme to improve cancer prevention

A new programme has been developed with the Christie to tackle cancer prevention

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Universities to charge fees over £9,500

Despite the fee cap promise of £9,000 in 2012, universities are set to increase their fees to above £9,500 due to a new government framework

Wonder Materials 'glittering graphene'

Preview: Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond

A new exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry tells the story of graphene and its seemingly unstoppable potential

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Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health launches

This academic year marks the inauguration of FBMH, a merger between the previously known Faculty of Life Sciences and Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences

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Students urged to get meningitis vaccine

A stark rise in the number of student meningitis cases in recent years has prompted a national vaccination programme to help tackle the spread of infection

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Majority of students want to scrap UCAS clearing

Students have revealed their concerns with the current system, claiming it has a ‘bad reputation’ and that they feel embarrassed to say they had used it

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White children fall behind at GCSE due to “lack of parental support”

Despite being high achievers at age 5, white children tend to fall behind ethnic minority groups at GCSE level, study says

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Is anti-Semitism to blame for the rise of the ‘Jewni’?

Over half of UK Jewish students are clustered at only 6 universities, including Manchester. However, there is a decreasing number of Jewish students at UoM in the midst of a potential Israel boycott—is anti-Semitism to blame?

On the week of International Women's Day The Mancunion spoke to Helen Pankhurst the great-grandaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst. Photo: The Mancunion

Helen Pankhurst speaks to The Mancunion

For International Women’s Day 2016, the GDI celebrated the history of feminism with a screening of Suffragette. Afterwards we spoke to Helen Pankhurst, great-granddaughter of Emmeline, about how the fight for equality is far from over