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Students urged to register to vote after electoral registration shake up

A recent study by the Labour party has revealed that nearly 80,000 voters will be lost due to the new voting sign up rules, with many of them expected to be Labour or left-leaning students

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British science will be hindered by EU exit, says Universities and Science Minister

Jo Johnson, the Universities Minister, has voiced his opinion that a British exit from the European Union could damage the future progress of UK Science

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£300k paid back to UCL students for ‘unacceptable’ accommodation

University College London (UCL) has been made to pay students nearly £300,000 in compensation over noisy and rat-infested housing in second disagreement over substandard accommodation

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Students’ Union launches nightly shuttle bus service

Students will be driven from the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons straight to their front doors in an attempt to help students feel safer in the city at night after increasing reports of sexual assaults in the last year

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UCAS should include school’s average grades to help poorer students

University and College Union ask average performance of an applicant’s school to be considered by UCAS in attempt to get more disadvantaged students into universities

Migrants entering Germany in September 2015. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Migrants more of an “asset than liability” to schools

There is no damage to school grades because of increasing numbers of migrants, according to research by the OECD economic think tank

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Student visa regime is condemned by BIS committee chair

David Cameron’s policies on international students have been attacked by Iain Wright, chair of the BIS Select Committee, who says they are damaging to the UK economy and UK universities

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US academic salaries do not cover basic living costs

A new wave of harsh cuts to HE institutions’ funding has left academics in financial uncertainty and fear. Many are struggling to pay for their homes and even food

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Cuts could mean 40 per cent of colleges close

The Conservatives green paper, Fulfilling our Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice, has been accused of “holding our young people and our country back” by Lucy Powell MP.

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Sturgeon has created a “debt mountain” for Scottish students

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has challenged the SNP leader over growing student debt in Scotland, which currently stands at £2.7 billion

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Girls scared away from science by gender stereotyping

A new report by the Institute of Physics suggests schools should do more to tackle ‘sexist banter’ that can discourage girls from pursuing careers in science


Visa restrictions for international students is ‘racial discrimination’

Students are being denied a visa to enter the UK based on the level of immigration offences in their country, with Nigeria, Pakistan and India most likely to receive rejections