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Gurnaik Johal

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Review: Fresh Complaint by Jeffrey Eugenides

Jeffrey Eugenides releases a new collection of short stories

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Review: Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

Gurnaik Johal reviews George Saunders’ first novel Lincoln in the Bardo

Photo: Louder Than Words

Review: Louder Than Words Festival

Gurnaik Johal reviews November’s Louder Than Words Festival and gives insight into some of the most successful events

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Live: The Undertones

The Undertones delivered a lively performance, brilliantly reminiscent of old school punk, writes Gurnaik Johal

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Opinion: Are Lyrics Poetry?

Following Bob Dylan’s surprise Nobel Prize win, debate has focused on the worthiness of his lyricism. Is it time to reevaluate the literary value of songwriting, asks Gurnaik Johal

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Top 5: Protest songs

Whether it’s to get you out on the street or to sound cultured in front of your new friends, here are five politically-charged protest songs to give a listen