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Henry Scanlan

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Boomtown is becoming Boomcity…

The Hampshire festival cannot stop booming…

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Preview: Nos Alive Festival 2016

“You had me at Radiohead”. Henry Scanlan previews the lineup at Lisbon’s Nos Alive Festival 2016

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Gig of the Year: Grimes

Where else can the music editors be self indulgent if not in the last section of the last issue of the year? Here’s our highlight of the year

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Club of the Year: Mr Scruff’s ‘Keep it Unreal’

Every month Mr Scruff hosts a party with tea, cakes and records – and you’re all invited

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Fashion Class of 2016

Congratulations! You have survived another year. Tell us a bit about your style

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Review: Hardcore Henry

Henry Scanlan reviews his Hardcore namesake

'the gelatin-lathered ribcage sat opposite'. Photo: The Mancunion


A vegan and a carnivore go for dinner

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Live: Tame Impala

This is how you make the leap to the bigtime: Tame Impala know how to fill an arena, and Kevin Parker knows how to wear the emperor’s clothes

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Janis: Little Girl Blue

Amy Berg’s new documentary remembers Janis Joplin in all her glory

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Preview: Field Music @ Fopp Manchester

Heads up! Field Music are playing at Fopp Record Store on Saturday at 3pm to premier their new album Commontime

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From ‘My War’ to Our War: The evolution of Henry Rollins

The former ringleader of Black Flag and Rollins Band is something of a reformed punk these days, cleansed of all cynicism and fighting for a better world

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Review: The Big Short

Adam McKay’s Oscar nominated movie, The Big Short, deals generously in information and anger, but it doesn’t quite add up to a moving experience