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Imran Bukhari

Best Actor

Top 5: Best Actor Oscar snubs

Highlighted here are our top five performances over the last five years. Shamefully, the Academy opted to not nominate any of the protagonists for Best Actor

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Review: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Imran Bukhari reckons that this Sundance hit is a believable teen drama that successfully transcends many conventions of the genre

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Review: Chappie

Die Antwoord tear through the fabric of reality in this malfunctioning sci-fi blockbuster

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Classic Review: 12 Angry Men

Imran Bukhari is legally fond of 12 Angry Men

Looking at American Psycho, could Bale have played the Joker better than Ledger? Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Why so Fanboy?

Imran Bukhari feels that The Dark Knight failed to get it right