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Texas students protest gun laws with dildos

Students from The University of Texas plan to stage a protest involving “gigantic swinging dildos” next year, when new gun laws will come into action allowing students to carry concealed weapons on campus

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder Photo: Wikipedia

Invitation to Julian Assange causes controversy at Cambridge Union

Cambridge Union’s Women’s Officer resigns following decision to invite controversial Wikileaks founder to Union debate via weblink

People's Assembly

People’s Assembly National Week of Action

This week saw the People’s Assembly’s Week of Action protesting the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester

After Bindel's banning, further developments have led to the Union banning Yiannopoulos too. Photo: piku @Flickr

Update: Yiannopoulos also banned from censorship event

After barring Julie Bindel from a debate on censorship planned for mid-October, the Students’ Union have now told Milo Yiannopoulos that he is also prohibited from attending

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“Transphobe” Julie Bindel banned from Free Speech debate

Bindel and Milo Yiannapoulos were invited to a debate titled “From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?”

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Universities shocked as government allege they welcome “hate speakers”

As new counter-terrorism legislation Prevent is implemented in universities, the government name and shame institutions that have allegedly welcomed ‘hate speakers’ with views “contrary to British values”

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Conservatives told to hide conference passes in Manchester

Conservative delegates attending the Party Conference in Manchester must hide security passes amidst safety fears

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Liveblog: Anti-austerity protesters march against Conservative Party Conference

Tens of thousands line the streets of Manchester against government cuts and privatisation

Students have been protesting against cuts under this government since 2010. Photo: lewishamdreamer @Flickr

NUS begins legal action against scrapping of maintenance grants

The National Union of Students has begun legal action against the government’s plans to scrap maintenance grants on the basis of the implications for equality

UCLAN say they would like to be able to take home students but cannot due to the limitations. Photo: darkostojanovic @pixabay

UCLAN exclude UK students from medicine degree

Government limits on the amount of UK students able to take a medicine degree has meant that the University of Central Lancashire has had to exclude home students altogether

Jeremy Corbyn's election has divided public opinion. Photo: lewishamdreamer @Flickr

Students react to Jeremy Corbyn’s election

The Mancunion speaks to students from across the political spectrum about their reaction to Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Leader of the Labour Party

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University of Manchester ranked seventh in the UK

The University of Manchester is, as of 2015, 7th in the UK rankings