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Jeremy Bijl


Call of Duty: MW2 remaster rumours gather steam

A remaster might finally be on its way, but it may not feature multiplayer


Interview: The Occupation

White Paper Games tell us about their first game since Ether One

Photo: Crema

Review: Immortal Redneck

The name is the worst thing about it

Photo: VancouverFilmSchool @Flickr

Blood, Sweat and Pixels: an overview

A look at Jason Schreier’s recent collection of interviews

Photo: Question

Question reveal The Blackout Club

The team behind The Magic Circle are set to return in 2019 with their second title


Tony Hawk puts final nail in Pro Skater’s coffin

Iconic Skater delivers final blow


Stardew Valley developer confirms another game is in the works

Eric Barone drops hint at upcoming project

Photo: Warhorse Studios

Review: Kingdom Come Deliverance

Plenty of potential but not enough polish from Warhorse’s debut game

Photo: sik-life @ Pixabay

The rise of the audiobook

Books have never sounded better, and they’re here to stay

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Ludonarrative dissonance: the developer’s paradox

The biggest problem facing true immersion in video games?

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How PUBG and Fortnite will redefine the industry

But not in the way that you might think

Photo: PixelBombGames

Pixel Bomb Games: An Early Access story

Post-Apocalyptic Manchester stuck in pre-release