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South Korean state to take control of history textbooks

The South Korean government is planning a controversial change to how schools teach history

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Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse – a myth?

A recent report has shown that London’s economy is growing faster than that of any of the northern cities despite plans to create a ‘Northern Powerhouse’

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Service exploitation costing students £335m a year

Students are losing an average of £240 a year because they do not know their rights when complaining about landlords and utility companies

Sexual Harassment

Half of female students experience sexual harassment

Drinkaware has released statistics that show sexual crime, such as harassment, is commonplace in the clubs, bars and streets of university towns

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Hundreds of foreign students gather outside Barclays to set up accounts

Hundreds of international students lined up outside the branch in St. Ann’s Square to set up new current accounts in minutes

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Government invests over £500000 into student voting

Plans to invest £530000 to encourage students to register to vote after many are thought to have dropped off the electoral register

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Correlation between financial pressure and eating disorders

Scores in the Eating Attitude Test show that female students with financial problems are most at risk of acquiring an eating disorder