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Record Reappraisal: Belle & Sebastian – If You’re Feeling Sinister

Twenty years on, head music editor Joe Casson revisits the Glaswegian indie darlings’ high watermark, a singular work of delicate loneliness and wry observation that demands your devotion

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Live: The Cure

The seminal goth band promised a marathon set and fan-favourite song selections. In a muddy and disappointingly abrupt show, The Cure delivered neither, writes Joe Casson

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Live: The Front Bottoms

A poor choice of songs gives an unflattering impression of the folk-punk fourpiece — but they play with unbridled, endearing energy to an enthusiastic crowd, writes Joe Casson

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Live: Whitney

Whitney’s warm, soulful Americana is the perfect antidote to a cold, miserable election night, writes Joe Casson

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Live: Arab Strap

After ten years out in the cold, Arab Strap’s comprehensive reunion show retains everything that made them great the first time around, writes Joe Casson

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Note From the Music Editors

The Mancunion Music section wants contributors: here’s now to get involved

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Feature: Guide to Manchester’s Music Venues

From sold-out arenas to atmospheric basements, this Freshers’ guide shows what Manchester’s array of venues has to offer

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Festival Preview: Latitude Festival 2016

Joe Casson on this year’s well-rounded arts festival, which offers everything from balkan folk to cabaret, and finally gives a reason to get excited about Suffolk.

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Interview: Frightened Rabbit

Comfortable in their discomfort, Frightened Rabbit speak to The Mancunion about their new album’s unsettled development and uncharacteristic subtlety

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Watch the Tapes: Are Cassettes Making a Comeback?

Cassette tape sales are the highest in decades. But what is drawing people back to the much-maligned medium?

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Album: Wild Nothing – Life of Pause

On his third album as Wild Nothing, Jack Tatum is “terrified of being any one thing”. Therein lies the problem

Illustration by Joe Connell

Top 10 Albums of 2015

The best albums of the year, as voted by those who’ve written for us all semester. Complete with loving praise and custom illustrations