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Joe C. Evans

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Liveblog: Women in Media Conference 2016

Live from the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester, we’re welcoming guests from across the country to our first-ever conference on women in the media

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INVESTIGATION: “Institutional racism” in Young Labour

Following allegations of institutional racism within Young Labour and Labour Students, The Mancunion investigates the claims

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Review: Novel Experiments in Living

A writer and his writer’s block form the basis a witty and ambitious play written and directed by Rob Paterson

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Peter Hitchens: “This is a living, breathing corpse of a country”

Current Affairs Editor Joe C. Evans in discussion with journalist, author, and voice of the right Peter Hitchens

Former Manchester Labour Students co-chair Mo Ahmed. Photo: Facebook

Manchester Labour Students co-chair quits amid ‘institutional racism’ and ‘leak’ allegations

Mo Ahmed, co-chair of Manchester Labour Students, resigned whilst attending the party’s youth conference owing to allegations directed at him regarding leaks and institutional racism at the conference

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From Afghanistan to Manchester: A refugee’s story

Student, author, and refugee activist Gulwali Passarlay joins Current Affairs Editor Joe C. Evans in conversation, discussing his journey to Britain, the reaction to his work, and the misrepresentation of Islam

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Senate will debate banning of Donald Trump

The proposal will be debated at the next Senate meeting on February 18th


Review: Paul Foot

Paul Foot’s stand up makes for an uncomfortable watch with a few good moments


Paul Foot: A man of many words that provide little discernible information

Features Editor Joe Evans speaks to Paul Foot and fails to get any real answers to any questions about anything at all

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Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain: A peep behind the writing

With the seminal series Peep Show drawing to a conclusion, Joe Evans sits down with the show’s writers to discuss success, comedy, Manchester, and just ‘doing it’

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The Union Senate is fatally flawed

Joe Evans uncovers the institutions and procedures that govern our Students’ Union and finds democracy in name only

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Venue Review: Is the sun going down on the Night & Day Café’s legacy?

The Night & Day Café, like so many Manchester venues, is trading on the city’s rich heritage