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Madeleine Jones

Photo: album artwork

Interview: J. Chambers

Madeleine Jones speaks to the up-and-coming rapper about his next EP, the issue of cultural appropriation in hip hop and how social media has changed his relationship with his supporters

Photo: Album Artwork

Album: Run the Jewels — Run the Jewels 3

Fiery and fluid, the hip-hop duo’s surprise third album is their best yet, writes Madeleine Jones

Photo: Jeff Laitila@Flickr

Diego Garcia & Camp Thunder Cove: The UK’s Dark Secret

Madeleine Jones uncovers the truth behind the UK’s dealings with Diego Garcia

Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Papercut Zine Library in Massachusetts, USA illustrates the range of zines in circulation

Zines & the power of self-publication

A look at self-publishing zines and how they offer empowerment back to creators

Just Fest 2016 Photo: University of Manchester Students' Union

Review: JustFest 2016

The 2016 JustFest is bigger than ever and is successful in making issues of social justice more accessible to students and young people

Photo: Album Artwork

Album: Savages – Adore Life

On their sophomore album, Savages have taken a regressive step into their comfort zone

Is Frida Kahlo the quintessential misappropriated icon? Photo: Charis Tsevis @Flickr

Frida Kahlo and the rebel commodity

Does consumer capitalism and modern feminism appropriate its icons wrongly? Madeleine Jones casts a critical eye over the use of Frida Kahlo merely as a fashionable image

American Tragic; Photo: Album Artwork

Album: Wax Idols – American Tragic

The vulnerability poured into the Wax Idols’ otherwise-polished American Tragic is a winning combination

Photo: Album Artwork

Album: Le Butcherettes – A Raw Youth

Le Butcherettes seal their position as one of the most inventive bands around