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Disco messiah Breakbot looks suspiciously like Jesus. Photo: Stevie Wonderland

Club: Stevie Wonderland’s 2nd birthday w/ Breakbot

Morris Seifert examines whether a roller disco in academy one works

This unadulterated picture of Santa Claus' existence is yet more proof that Father Christmas does in fact exist. Photo: Guilherme Kardel @Flickr

Santa is real

“Santa is real, I tell you!” Says Opinion Editor Morris Seifert

Photo: Ed Waring

Review: A Farewell to Arms

A Farewell to Arms by Imitating the Dog did not manage to come close to the book’s subtle censure of war, criticises Morris Seifert.

Photo: TEDxSalford


Morris Seifert and Nicole Tamer were blown away by the variety of stimulating talks at the recent TEDxSalford, with presentations from the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner and a man known as ‘Mister Toilet’

Latest polls have Yes and No neck and neck; are we going to see the breakup of the United Kingdom? Photo: London Permaculture @Flickr

A Disunited Kingdom?

Comment Editors Marcus Johns and Morris Seifert argue either side of the debate over Scottish Independence

Photo: Flickr@leighblackall

The porn-filter is an affront to the idea of net neutrality

Morris Seifert argues that to keep out digital rights intact, we need to opt-out of the porn ban

Photo: Flickr@T J Morris

Russell Brand is wrong, apathy does not engender revolution

Mark Twain once said, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” I feel the frustration, but voting abstinence is not the path to utopia.

Wormwood Scrubs. Photo: Flickr@Kradlum

Our prison system is corrupt and that should worry us all

Morris Seifert argues that we need a prison system inclined towards compassion not incarceration