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Mritunjay Sharma

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Best Foreign Film: the politics behind it

Mritunjay Sharma expands on the problematic nature of foreign nomination at the Oscars

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MANIFF 2017: Public Intimacy and Railment

Mritunjay Sharma reviews Public Intimacy and Railment, both shown at the Manchester Film Festival 2017

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Feature: short documentaries of Sergei Loznitsa

Mritunjay Sharma profiles Sergei Loznitsa’s documentary film career

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Feature: Biopics in Bollywood

Mritunjay Sharma explores the tradition of biopic films in Bollywood

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The Lowers Depths remains relevant in film

Maxim Gorky’s play The Lower Depths has spread its influence greatly within the world of film

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Review: I, Olga Hepnarova

I, Olga Hepnarova is an emotionally charged insight into the mind of a mass murderer

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Revisiting: Beware of a Holy Whore

Mritunjay Sharma reinterprets Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s classic

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Classic Review: Le Silence De La Mer

Jean-Pierre Melville’s adaptation of the original Jean Bruller novella is minimalist and engaging, in Le Silence De La Mer

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Feature: Celebrating the life of Abbas Kiarostami

Looking back over some of Abbas Kiarostami’s work as an Iranian film director

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Classic Review: Where is the Friend’s Home?

Where is the Friend’s House?, the film that brought Abbas Kiarostami to attention, beautifully explores the Koker region of Iran

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Review: Memories On Stone

Memories On Stone is a film about film-making in a post-war climate

Photo: Cinema Capital

Review: All Rise

All Rise takes globalisation to newer heights in a competition of law and order